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Hsi-Mei Yates

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Hsi-Mei has loved nature and had an affinity for art since early childhood. Her skills led her to be hired as a designer by the China Art Company, known internationally for its exquisite hand painted ceramics. Hsi-Mei further developed and refined her techniques and painting skills through individual study and under the tutelage of many Chinese artists. She studied the brush strokes of flowers and birds with Chao Sung-Ch-uan and Tu Teng-Yin, landscapes with Shu Feng-Nan. In 1983, Hsi-Mei entered the U.S. and continued her art endeavors. She’s taught in Washington, North Carolina, Texas, Maryland and Virginia for over 30 years. You can find her work on display in North Carolina at Handscapes Gallery, In Virginia, Hsi-Mei has two studios, located in Libertytown Arts Workshop, #23 and in Lorton Workhouse studio #514 where she teaches and exhibits.

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About this course

Chinese brush painting is part of over 2000 years of Chinese culture. Since the Song Dynasty, the four seasons have been represented by the “Four Gentlemen”: Bamboo, Plum Blossom, Orchid and Chrysanthemum. These plants will be the subject of our paintings. At the beginning of the course I will introduce the art supplies: Ink, bamboo brushes, rice paper, a watercolor set, mixing plates, felt and water containers. Each class will be focused on achieving different types of brushstrokes. The goal of the five week course is to have fun, be creative and make great artwork!

This course is currently being offered on demand. What this means is that as soon as you sign up, the course begins on a weekly schedule. Every 7 days from the time that you sign up, the next section will be available to you. This means the class is completely dependent on your own personal timetable that is started by you. The weekly schedule is meant to give you time to review the materials, watch the videos and practice as you desire. Your questions and thoughts about the materials can be discussed with Hsi-Mei on Zoom calls or video chats weekly on Tuesdays at 6pm (Eastern time). Alternatively questions can be posed on the website or emailed to Hsi-Mei directly.